3 Personalized Welcome Gifts for New Employees

Onboarding new employees is an exciting and busy time for both you and the new team members. From hours of training to learning the ropes of a new office, new employees may feel stressed during those first few weeks of work. Thoughtful gifts are an exceptional way to bond with new team members and welcome them to your organization. Whether you manage a team of five or one hundred, a personalized welcome gift can create a strong foundation for teamwork. Skip the old, tired corporate gift items and surprise your team members with something quintessential and unique. Let’s look at some useful yet elevated gift ideas for the newbie in your office. You can add an exclusive touch to these gifts by customizing them with your company’s logo, color, and personal touch that shows your appreciation.

Personalized Gift Ideas for New Employees

Here are some welcome gift ideas for the newest employee to join your team!

Personalized Desk Pad

In those first few weeks on the job, chances are your new employee won’t have much time to personalize their workspace. A personalized leather desk pad embossed with their initials or the company’s logo can be a great welcome gift. This desk accessory is a must-have ergonomic tool and creates a more inviting and personalized feel to their workspace.

This product comes in seven leather colors, from black to tan to warm burgundy. These leather desk pads also come in three sizes to fit every desk or computer size. These desk pads can also be customized with a logo or monogram, giving their desk an elevated, personalized touch. 

Personalized Tech Accessory Roll

Is your new teammate a remote employee? Or does your office use a lot of charging and electrical cords? If yes, the personalized tech accessory role is the perfect welcome gift for your new employee. Made with high-quality full-grain leather, this tech organization tool can help your latest employee keep track of their work accessories.

Northwind’s tech accessory roll comes in five leather shades and three kinds of hardware, making it customizable to fit your employee's or office's style. It can also be embossed with a company logo or monogram, adding an exclusive and unique feel.

Personalized Leather Passport Cover 

If your new employee’s job requires travel, a personalized leather passport can be a stylish welcome gift that keeps their identity safe while away from the office. Made in the USA by Northwind Supply, this passport cover has a luxurious aesthetic that keeps your employee’s most important documents safe.

With six high-quality full-grain leather options, you can customize the appearance of this passport cover to suit your company or your new employee’s style. This product can also be customized with a logo or monogram to add a touch of personality.

Showing Your Appreciation

A small gesture of love can make a huge difference in a new employee’s morale. Add some flair to the workstation of your new teammates by gifting them these stylish items.

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