Corporate Gifts That Impress: Personalized Leather Accessories

Corporate gifting goes beyond a simple gesture of appreciation. It builds relationships with clients and employees. Keeping professional courtesy and goodwill in mind, choosing the right gift is crucial to adequately expressing your company’s gratitude. With many gift options, personalized leather accessories offer a timeless and sophisticated choice, making a lasting impression on recipients. Here are some customized leather accessories that make the perfect corporate gift!

Personalized Desk Pad

A genuine leather desk pad is the perfect way to say “thank you” to clients or employees! This desk pad from Northwind Supply is made of high-quality genuine leather and offers a soft and supple feel and appearance. With three sizes, this desk pad can fit any desk or workspace, creating a comfortable and luxurious workspace. Companies can customize this desk pad with their company logo, employee monograms, and more to add a touch of personalization. 

Personalized Valet Tray

Having a place to keep essentials like your wallet, keys, and phone while in the office is incredibly helpful. Companies can gift this structured valet tray to help employees or clients stay organized and show their appreciation. This valet tray can be personalized with a company logo or monogram, constantly reminding employees or clients of your company. This high-quality leather tray can also cause clients and employees to associate your company with luxury and quality, contributing to a positive company image.

Personalized Passport Cover

Personalized passport covers are the perfect gift if your company has clients based in another state or area. These clients may often travel to do business with your company. Thus, the passport cover keeps all their documents safe in a stylish way. With six colors of genuine leather and the ability to add a company logo, personalized leather passport covers are a great way to show clients that you appreciate their business.

Personalized Tech Accessory Roll

Many employees may have a hard time keeping track of all their important cords when jumping from meeting to meeting. A personalized tech accessory roll will help your employees stay prepared for every meeting. These accessory rolls can be personalized with a company logo, several leather colors, and three different hardware sheens, allowing you to customize the product to match your company’s preferences.

Tips for Successful Corporate Gifting

Regardless of what gift your company is giving and who they’re giving it to, there are a few essential tips you should keep in mind:

Plan ahead. 

When choosing personalized leather accessories for corporate gifts, remember that these can take some time to create. Avoid the stress of last-minute scrambling by beginning the corporate gifting search well in advance, allowing ample time to select, personalize, and ship the perfect leather goods.

Pay attention to packaging. 

How your corporate gift is packaged can leave a lasting impression on the recipient, whether a client or employee. Invest in high-quality packaging and wrapping that reflects the beauty and elegance of the leather accessory itself.

Follow up with a thoughtful note of appreciation. 

Don’t stop with the gift! Follow up with a note expressing your company’s sincere gratitude and appreciation for the recipient’s partnership or work. A kind handwritten note adds another level of personalization and sentiment, strengthening the bond between the giver and recipient.

By using personalized leather accessories for corporate gifting, you can impress your clients and employees while elegantly and stylishly displaying your company’s thanks and appreciation!

Shop Customized Corporate Gifts with Northwind Supply!

Northwind Supply offers even more customization options through its Wholesale and Corporate Gifting. We can help you pick the right product for your employees and customize it exactly how you want it. Once we have your customizations, we’ll get to work and ship it straight to your door within 14 business days. Reach out to Northwind today to receive our complete corporate gifting catalog!

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