Introducing: Grey Felt Mouse Pad With Non-Slip Backing

At Northwind, we are constantly innovating and responding to our customer’s needs. Our grey felt mouse pad has always been a popular item--customers love its understated look and the fact that it’s eco-friendly, and it makes working from home so much more stylish. However, one common theme we noticed in customer reviews is that, while people loved the mousepad, it had a tendency to slide across their desks. That’s why we’ve added a new, optional non-slip backing feature to the mousepad!

Now that we’ve rolled out our new and improved felt mouse pad, we’d love to tell you about all the things that make this mouse pad great. Here are four reasons why you should try our mouse pad, if you haven’t already.

1. The new non-slip backing option is a practical addition.

Now that we’ve added non-slip backing to this grey felt mouse pad, you can rest assured that it will stay stable and secure on your desk. No need to worry about your hand accidentally sliding across your desk when working from home! We’ve made sure that this mouse pad is convenient and easy to use as well as stylish.

2. The felt mouse pad is an eco-friendly, sustainable addition to your office.

Northwind was founded with sustainability in mind. Each one of these mouse pads is made from high-quality felt that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. We strive to reduce waste and make our community a better, cleaner place to live by using these remnant materials to create beautiful products like this felt mouse pad. When you buy a Northwind mouse pad, you become part of this mission!

3. This grey felt mouse pad matches any decor.

The simple, understated grey color of this mousepad goes well with any type of office decor. If you’re going for a particular aesthetic while working from home, this mouse pad is sure to fit in. And this makes it an especially great option for people with hybrid schedules, working from home a few days a week and going into the office on other days. Since it will match your home office decor and your on-site workspace, you can take it back and forth with ease.

4. Everyone loves it!

You don’t have to take our word for it--here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about the felt mouse pad.

“I really needed a mouse pad, but didn't want to have anything made out of plastic or any other artificial material. I ordered Northwind's sustainable Mousepad and am very happy with the purchase. It is well made, a really pretty shade of gray and the surface works really well. I definitely recommend this product. Thank you, Northwind.”

“Exactly what I needed to round out my work from home space. The felt is thick and feels high quality, and it's a great color that can go with a number of colors/styles of decor.”

“I love that this mouse pad is made from scraps that otherwise would have been thrown away! I was unsure how the mouse would perform on a felt surface but I don't notice a difference from using it straight on the desk/traditional plastic mouse pad. Thank you for a simple and lovely product!”

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a minimalist, sustainable accent piece, look no further. Our new non-slip backing makes this felt mouse pad a practical and necessary tool that you can use every day, whether you’re working from home or on-site.

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