The Personalized Leather Passport Cover: A Thoughtful Northwind Gift for Any Travel Enthusiast:

The summertime tradition of travel for some of us means leaving the golden shores of the United States and stamping that US passport overseas. Keeping your important travel documents safe is one thing, but adding a little style while on your way to an exotic port just might win you a few points with those judgmental customs agents. Any experienced passport holder knows exactly why keeping that photo page handy is key. View our personalized passport cover.

Personalized Leather Essentials on The Road

When it comes to traveling abroad, having those creature comforts handy is crucial. Keeping credit cards safe in a hidden card slot to prevent theft and keep them out of view is not a bad idea but not nearly as vital as keeping your passport wallet safe, secure and on your person at all times.

Having a leather passport wallet with a little style might be the most essential item of all. No disrespect to luggage tags, but no one wants to have to visit the US Embassy for a temp passport and interrupt their vacation because they couldn’t keep those passport colors out of site from pickpockets. 

For the loved one who's a travel enthusiast, a leather passport cover is a perfect gift. It's stylish, rugged, and easy to personalize for a look that really adds a nice touch.

Why Personalization Is Best

At Northwind, we understand the distinction of a full grain leather passport holder. Anyone can of course walk into a big chain store or head to the largest online retailer and pick an impersonal gift off the shelf or from countless, cheaply made options vendors overseas. However, letting the person you love know that you've put thought and effort into their gift by customizing their passport cover.

Imagine your friend or family member opening your gift that is not only handmade but also tailored to them specifically. How special would they feel that you've taken the time to design and customize something that is near and dear to their heart?

Whether it's a name, initials, nickname, or just a thoughtful word, a personalized gift will always outshine one that isn't, and it will certainly make a more meaningful impression on its owner.

Custom Options

Personalizing your leather passport case with monogrammed initials is perfect for holding everything including that long awaited boarding pass. You're also the architect of the item's other design choices, including three colors and whether the lettering will have a foil color or not. If you opt to include a letter foil color, you can choose from gold or silver.

Interested in one of these handmade, personalized gifts for the travel enthusiast in your life? Don’t forget to include a luggage tag set or better yet a leather travel journal to round off a gift box for your wayward traveler.

Northwind has great customer reviews for quality custom travel wallets, card cases and other travel accessories, and a whole host of personalized, leather gifts that will have your favorite passport holder thinking of how thoughtful you are every time they use them.

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