The Personalized Leather Valet Tray: A Beautiful Addition to Any Home from Northwind

If you're anything like us, when you walk through the door at the end of the day, one of the first rituals is usually to empty your pockets and leave a handful of everyday carry items, like your smartphone and keys as you start to unwind. These items end up spread out on the countertop, nightstand, or worse, even on the beautiful antique dining table. It's amazing how much debris can accumulate in your pockets after a long day!

The Problem

There are numerous problems that only the best valet tray on the market can solve, and there are lots of options to choose from to suit your home.

Faux leather or Suede Valet Trays can sometimes act as a wireless charging station on your bedside table though most of the market is made overseas rather cheaply with poor stitching.

Other  brand name options can be rather expensive and also need plugging in, so they are a little limited in where they can be placed. There are even concrete valet trays that are, well, made of concrete. So perhaps you want to avoid putting that on anything delicate or easily scratched!

Some other options offers a more minimalist design with dividers but get a little busy in design as well.

Our Quality Leather Solution

At Northwind, we've put our craftsmanship to the test and designed a high-quality catchall that will help you keep your important items in one place, without risking marking those treasured pieces of furniture or scuff your iPhone.

Our handmade leather trays are designed and crafted in the USA, using full-grain leather and finished with antique, silver or gold rivets. As with all our products, there are so many ways to give your catchall tray a more personal touch.

Embossing is of course on offer, and you can add up to ten characters to add a short message or a name to this handsome valet tray. We offer this at just $25 - a bargain even if we do say so ourselves!

So wherever you need somewhere to store your cell phone, charger or keys, you can place one of these beautiful quality leather catchall valets in your home. Or if you're fed up with your partner covering all your surfaces with small change, then perhaps it's time to get them an early birthday present! We're pretty sure they will thank you for it!

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