Your Holiday Table: Three Great Way To Spice Things Up With Northwind

This Thanksgiving is going to be different than any we’ve had before. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Take advantage of the changing times to change your holiday look.

We’d love to help you add your unique touch to your dining table this fall. Whether you’re looking for classic rustic decor or a more modern look, we have your holidays covered.



Personalized Napkin Rings

Maybe this Thanksgiving will be a smaller gathering than normal. But that means you have the opportunity to make sure the guests you do have feel special. This year, get everyone into the holiday spirit with personalized napkin rings.

With our customization options, you could give each family member a unique napkin ring with their initial engraved on the front, or even embossed with gold or silver foil. Northwind specializes in fall colors--to really get into the seasonal spirit, try the red maple or chestnut option.



Custom Leather Placemats

No dining table set would be complete without these round leather placemats. Functional and beautiful, these classic items are great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays. Save them for a special occasion, or use them year-round! 



Personalized Leather Coasters

This fall, we at Northwind launched our Modern Collection, a new line of high-end luxury goods designed to enhance your experience. One of our most exciting items for this holiday season is our set of four coasters.

Whether you’re protecting a dining table, coffee table, or end table, these coasters are both functional and beautiful. With cool new features like decorative stitching and edge painting, our modern coasters will set your home apart from the rest. Don’t delay--upgrade your life today and be one of the first people to try these new coasters.


Bottom Line

It’s never too early to start getting ready for the holidays. This year, it’s especially important to keep the holiday spirit alive. With these decorative, fall-themed items, we can help you make special memories this Thanksgiving.

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