Why Every Dog Owner Needs A Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Walking your dog is one of the most special rituals in any dog owner’s life. Especially on nice summer days, taking time out of your day to care for your special companion is a beautiful thing. 

However, when taking your dog for a walk, it’s important not to neglect the less pleasant aspects of pet care, like disposing of waste. The right dog waste bag holder can make things much easier and more fun on your daily walks.

Here are six reasons why every dog owner needs a pet bag dispenser from Northwind!

1. A Poop Bag Holder for Your Dog Makes Walks More Convenient

Picking up after your dog promptly is important for many reasons. Aside from being the polite and neighborly thing to do, dog poop left on the ground can incur fines or even damage the environment.

That being said, it can be hard to remember to grab enough bags, and annoying to figure out how to carry them. That’s why a dog poop bag holder is so important. Keep a large roll of bags in the dog waste bag dispenser so you can easily access them any time.

2. Leather Is A Great Material For Your Dog Waste Bag Holder

Unlike other pet bag dispensers made from inflexible and cheap materials like plastic, leather is flexible and will be able to fit more bags. Leather is also durable and will last for years, so this is an investment in a quality product. Additionally, our leather will develop a beautiful patina over time! 

3. Get A Cute Poop Bag Holder For Your Dog

Our dog poop bag holders aren’t just functional, they’re really cute! Available in a variety of leather colors, we can customize your dog waste bag dispenser to fit your aesthetic. 

They can even be matched with our leather leash and collar set! Plus, unlike cheap plastic dog waste bag holders, leather gives these items a classy look and feel.

4. Our Pet Bag Dispenser Is Small And Easy To Carry

This cute, compact poop bag holder for your dog is easy to bring on walks. No more tying bags to the handle of your leash or sticking them in your pockets. Our dog poop bag holder comes with durable hardware that can clip to your leash, so no need to worry about forgetting it.

5. We Can Personalize Your Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Like most Northwind products, our dog waste bag holder can be personalized with up to eight letters. What’s cuter than an engraved set of handmade pet accessories? Add your dog’s name, or your own! And you can add gold or silver foil for an extra-special touch.

6. Our Leather Is Eco-Friendly

Our pet bag dispensers and other products are made from remnant leather that otherwise would end up in a landfill. Keep your neighborhood clean, and rest assured knowing that you’re keeping the planet clean, too. You can be the ultimate good neighbor!


The right poop bag holder for your dog can make daily walks much easier. This item is cute, convenient, durable, and ethically sourced. What more could you want? For more pet accessories, including our collar and leash set, check out our website!

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