Can't Find the Perfect Leather Journal? Personalize It Instead!

Finding the perfect leather journal can be difficult and expensive. With so many cheap looking options, and so few quality versions for the right price, the search for just the right leather cover for your journal may feel a bit overwhelming.  If this sounds familiar, take a look at our handmade and personalized leather journals. Whether you are using your journal for work, school, or everyday use, a personalized, high quality, genuine leather notebook will be perfect for your creative and organizational needs.

Why Personalize?

By creating your very own handmade leather journal, you are opening up multitudes of opportunities for creativity. Personalized journals are perfect staying on task, allowing you to tailor your journal to maximize productivity and organize your daily thoughts and errands.

These best selling journals can also be useful for a multitude of options, whether it be a journal notebook, a writing journal /travel journal or as an unlined sketchbook. In an assortment of colors from a supple Red Maple, Dark Brown Chocolate or in elegant black leather.

How Do I Personalize My Leather Journal?

By personalizing your journal, you give yourself room to be as creative with your journal as you wish. High quality leather goods with personalization make for the more thoughtful birthday gifts for an aspiring young writer or someone heading out on a long-awaited vacation.

Letter Foiling

Letter foiling is an easy and painless way to add names or phrases to the cover of your rustic leather notebook.  Whether you plan to gift your leather bound journal or keep it as your own, foiling lets you add some extra charm.


Some of us love staying organized and creating lists, be them everyday tasks of lifelong goals, filling the blank pages of a wrap journal and then checking them off one by one gives some of us a sense of accomplishment. Personalizing your own journal is a fun yet practical way to be creative or add a little style to your weekly wishlist. 

Please note the dimensions of this handmade grain leather journal as it's not large enough for a guest book or photo album but works wonderfully with Moleskine acid free paper inserts when you eventually run out.

 Visit Northwind Supply today for a refillable leather journal. After all, the record of your journey should be as unique as the journey itself.

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