Make a Statement With a Custom Leather Belt


If Nick Offermen had his way, a custom leather belt, tooled in the USA would literally be front and center to any man’s attire. A quality leather belt says just as much about the wearer as a polished Italian loafer or your refined cocktail of choice. The right belt worn the right way is both a fashion statement accenting the quality of your clothing and a way to highlight the value you place on your personal appearance down to the smallest details.


Truly Distinctive Men’s Personalized Leather Belts over Time

Custom Belts have evolved over many generations and started from handmade from rope in a primitive basket weave  and graduated to braided strips of cowhide. Belts can also be transformative.


Need Proof?


If you were to slide on a Western belt with a large Brass Buckle and Conchos, which ornament the belt like rosettes, (with the right pair of denim) the wearer could instantly be transported into the saddle as a cowboy with one simple accessory or at the very least be ready for Halloween.


In contrast, today’s leather belts often have a sleek, minimalistic design that leaves an understated mark of sophistication. Our belts are made from high-quality, full-grain leather with finely-crafted metal belt buckles for an elegantly understated design.


Yet we also spend a great amount of time focused on  craftsmanship. Tooling your belt in the time honored tradition of hand carved leather. Using natural chestnut bark and vegetable tannins that are environmentally friendly. While it takes time to finish a belt, the care that goes into doing it right can be seen in the final product, which demonstrates the wearer appreciates that good things are worth waiting for.


What We Customize

The superior quality craftsmanship from a properly tooled leather belt  isn't the only thing that makes a statement. Our belts are also customized completely to fit your personal tastes and preferences. Some of the things we customize include:



Our belts can be customized with text. We have a 3 character limit that makes it easy to customize your belt with or as an example, your groomsmen’s initials as you might collaborate with the tuxedo shop for discrete disclosure of waist size while taking tuxedo measurements for instance. The text is stamped directly into the leather at the end of the belt and a great way to thank your most honored guests who are standing up there as testament of your friendship on you big day.



You can also have your leather belt embossed with foil . Our foil options include gold and silver, which can be matched to the silver metal hardware on your belt like rivets and buckles should you choose silver. You can also choose to leave the text without foil as sometimes the best details should be discovered on closer review or only obvious to the wearer.


With our high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and the care we put into crafting and customization, you can be sure of finding a belt that makes the statement you want when you visit Northwind Supply.

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