Five Ways To Use Your AirTag Cover

Apple’s AirTag just launched, and it definitely made a splash. Now, it’s so much easier to find lost items like your wallet or keys. And of course, every Apple AirTag needs a stylish AirTag cover to keep it safe and to allow you to clip it to various household items.

Northwind’s case for Apple AirTag comes with eye-catching brass hardware that allows you to clip it onto the variety of items--definitely a consideration when choosing the best AirTag case. 

But how should you use your new AirTag? Here are five ways you can use your AirTag and AirTag cover--and reasons why Northwind’s case for Apple AirTag is the best suited for each one.

1. Add It To Your AirPods

AirPods are another great Apple invention, but one that’s all too easy to lose. Like lots of people, you probably think an Apple AirTag case for AirPods is a great investment.

So why is Northwind’s AirTag cover the best-suited AirTag case for AirPods? Northwind also makes an AirPod case. The hardware clip on this AirPod case features an easy place for you to clip your Northwind case for Apple AirTag.

Plus, this way, you can match the color of the Apple AirTag case with the color of your AirPod case. We can guarantee that it will be stylish!

2. Attach It To Your Pet’s Collar

Every pet owner fears that one day, their pet will run off and not come back. Adding an Apple AirTag to your pet’s collar will help you sleep easily at night.

Northwind’s AirTag cover will attach easily and securely to your pet’s collar. Plus, you can match it with Northwind’s cute collar and leash set!

3. Add It To Your Luggage At The Airport

One of the small inconveniences of travel is waiting for your bag at the baggage carousel. With this AirTag cover, we can help make that easier. You can attach your AirTag to your luggage and keep track of it on your phone, so you’re ready when it comes out. Plus, if your luggage is lost, you’ll have an easier time finding it.

Try matching your Apple AirTag case from Northwind to one of our luggage tags. That way you can look cute while traveling!

4. Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

One use for the Apple AirTag is keeping your family members safe. Whether you have older parents with dementia or rambunctious kids who like to run off, an Apple AirTag can give you the peace of mind that they’re safe.

So why Northwind’s AirTag cover? The high-quality brass hardware will attach securely to your loved one’s clothes or jewelry. We’ll keep everything stable and secure so you don’t have to worry.

5. Look Cute

Here’s the number one reason why our AirTag covers are the best AirTag cases you’ll find: they’re cute! Available in a variety of colors, these AirTag cases feature adorable decorative stitching. And they can even be personalized with your initials!

Bottom Line

There are lots of useful things you can do with an Apple AirTag case. Because of its style, durability, and hardware, Northwind’s AirTag cover is the best AirTag case you’ll find. If you’re looking for an AirTag case for collars, AirPods, or anything else, look no further! Check out more Apple-related products, including our leather watch band for the Apple Watch, on our website.

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