Six Back To The Office Essentials From Northwind

We thought this day might never come, but it’s finally here: we’re back in the office after COVID. This is a time of major transition and change, so a lot of people are wondering: how do we get back to the office? What can we do to make this transition easier after months of working from home?

If you’re a supervisor, you may want to get your employees back to the office after COVID gifts, to make sure everyone feels welcome and supported. And if you’re an employee, you’re probably hoping to invest in some desk supplies to make sure you’re as productive as possible.

Whatever the case may be, our back to the office essentials are a great, affordable way to make the transition to working in the office again as seamless as possible. If you’re wondering how to get back to the office, look no further.

1. Leather Desk Pad

If you’re putting together an office desk accessories set, a leather desk protector mat is essential. This desk pad will help you keep your desk clean and keep your laptop or keyboard stable so you aren’t distracted while you work.

Best of all, it will help you feel more professional. We offer a variety of colors so you can match this back to the office essential with your preferred decor style.

2. Leather Mouse Pad

Complete your office desk accessories set with a leather mouse pad. Available in a variety of colors, we can match it to your leather desk protector mat so you can stay color-coordinated.

The mouse pad is one of the most classic and in-demand desk supplies for a reason. Everyone needs it at work, and if you’re wondering how to get back to the office, a quality mouse pad is a great first step. Now, you can upgrade your mouse pad so it comes with non-slip backing, which will help you stay focused when doing intense work.

3. Leather Coaster Set

When you think about desk supplies, coasters might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But trust us, our leather coasters are some of our most crucial back to the office essentials.

It’s important to stay focused and hydrated while working, which means you should always keep a bottle of water or coffee mug on your desk. But when you’re not working from home anymore, you can’t just grab a coaster from somewhere else in your house. Leather coasters for your desk will make the transition easier.

Plus, if you are looking for back to the office after COVID gifts, coasters are a nice way to remind your employees to drink water and stay healthy and hydrated.

4. Tech Accessory Roll

In the time of COVID, we all learned how important it is to keep chargers, USB cords, and other tech accessories on hand. When thinking about how to get back to the office, one thing at the top of our minds will be how we organize all our technological devices.

That’s why this tech accessory roll is one of our most important desk supplies. Make sure you can stay organized and productive by adding this to your office desk accessories set!

5. Pencil Case

You might associate pencil cases with elementary school, but these items are back to the office essentials. Remember, as we move back to the office after COVID, we will have to re-develop our organization solutions for a new space. 

This pencil case will help you keep all your pens and pencils in a safe, easy to find place. Add it to your office desk accessories set to stay organized!

6. Lunch Tote

Arguably one of the biggest perks of working from home is having access to your kitchen. When you’re back in the office after COVID, you’ll need to get used to packing a lunch again.

This cute lunch tote will make that so much easier! This back to the office essential is a great gift, too. What better way to welcome your employees than with a cute back to the office after COVID gift that recognizes their hard work?

Bottom Line

We’ve all had a difficult year. If you’re wondering how to go back to the office, here’s an easy answer: turn it into a celebration.

If you’re an employer, treat your employees to back to the office after COVID gifts. If you’re an employee, treat yourself to some back to the office essentials that will last for years.

For more great desk supplies, including valet trays and cord keepers, check out our website!

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