Why All Mouse Pads Should Be Non-Slip

You see this feature on every list of the best mouse pads on the market, and advertised prominently in every mouse pad listing: non slip mouse pad backing.

But, you might wonder, why is this feature so important? Anti slip mouse pads are usually more expensive. Why should you pay extra for this feature? Here’s why non slip mouse pad backing is worth the investment.

It’s More Comfortable

A non-slip mouse pad won’t move around underneath your hand. Because of this, your hand can rest gently in one place on your desk without moving around too much. This will be much more comfortable for your hand! Investing in our anti slip mouse pad will make your work day much more pleasant.

It Will Help You Be a Better Employee

A non slip mouse pad will help you increase your productivity because you won’t have to deal with your mouse pad sliding across your desk. And, because your new anti slip mouse pad will provide a stable resting place for your hand, you’ll make fewer errors in your work. Your job will be much easier once everything stays in place!

High Intensity? No Problem

Whether you work hard or play hard, a non slip mouse pad will make high-intensity activity much easier. If you’re pushing yourself to meet a work deadline and in a period of deep work, you won’t be distracted by your mouse pad sliding across the desk, because you have an anti slip mouse pad! And if you’re a hardcore gamer, the non slip mouse pad is perfect for the most exciting parts of your game.

Our Customers Love It!

Our customers find anti slip mouse pads increasingly essential. Don’t take our word for it--here’s what they have to say!

“What a lovely mousepad. I was a little hesitant to pay $15 for one with the rubber backing, but I'm glad I did. It looks great on my desk, is something I'm going to be seeing and using every day, and feels nice on my wrist. It's tightly-woven felt, so doesn't flake off. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.”

“Perfect utilitarian little mousepad, great size and I do recommend adding the slip proofing at the bottom.”

“I was shocked by how quickly this arrived (4 days). It was just as described and the non-slip backing is a subtle but functional black-pebbled fabric. I'm already a fan!”

Bottom Line

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, this anti slip mouse pad will help you be more productive. And when you’re ready to unwind with some gaming, it’ll help your hand stay comfortable and secure. So when you order our leather mouse pad or felt mouse pad make sure you add non slip backing! For more great office accessories, including desk pads and cord keepers, check out our website.

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