Why You Need A Leather Collar and Leash Set

We all love our pets and want the best for them. That’s why we exhaustively research different options for food, beds, and yes, collars and leashes, before making the final purchase. We want our pets to be as happy and healthy as possible.

When buying a leash and collar, one material stands out for durability, safety, comfort, and fashion: leather. There’s no doubt about it, leather dog collars are the best dog collars you can buy. Here’s a list of reasons why a leather leash and collar set is the best option for your dog.

The Best Leather Collars and Leashes Are Durable

The number one reason to invest in a leather dog collar and leash is that leather will last a long time. Real leather dog collars and leashes will not fray, unlike nylon or other cloth options. As long as they don’t get wet, these handmade leather pet accessories will last for years. Don’t replace your leash every time it wears out--instead, invest in a high quality leather leash.

We know your dog will grow and change throughout its lifetime. That’s why we designed a real leather dog collar with several different size options, which you can adjust over the years. No need to worry--our products are built to last.

Real Leather Dog Collars Are More Comfortable

Some dogs need extra love and care. Some breeds, such as the French bulldog pictured above, have sensitive skin or allergies to materials like nylon. This is especially true if your dog tends to pull on their leash.

Since your dog can’t always tell you when they’re suffering, it’s important to make sure you’re using only the best materials to keep your dog healthy and safe. Leather will avoid these issues entirely and provide a comfortable collar for your dog. That’s why our handmade collar is the best leather dog collar for your dog. 

The Best Leather Dog Collars Will Adapt To Your Dog

Real leather dog collars will adapt to your dog’s needs. As mentioned above, leather lasts a long time. Over time, the leather will soften and develop a patina, and settle into the most comfortable position on your dog’s neck. The more your dog wears the collar, the more comfortable it will be.

Cute Leather Dog Collars Have a Classic Look

Leather is a high end material, not just because of its durability, but because it is attractive. Leather has a classic look and feel that everyone admires, so if you are looking for cute leather dog collars and leashes, leather is the answer. 

Additionally, because leather is so durable, it will not fade or get dingy the way cloth collars and leashes will with time and use. It will last for years and instead of fading, will look even more beautiful with time!

The Best Leather Dog Leashes Are More Comfortable For Humans To Hold

Your leather dog collar will adapt to your pet over time. In the same way, your high quality leather leash will adapt to your hands over time. This will make it more comfortable for you to walk your dog every day.

High Quality Leather Leashes Have Better Grip Control

Does your dog tend to pull on their leash or run fast? No need to worry. Our leather leash has great grip control, especially compared to cloth leashes. The best leather leashes keep your pet safe and make walks easier.

Bottom Line

In terms of durability, safety, and comfort, a leather collar and leash set is the best option for your pet. It also looks cute and will make you feel classy walking your dog! For more great handmade pet accessories, including a leather waste bag holder, browse our website.

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