Guide to Gifts for Organized People from Northwind

At Northwind, we try our best to solve problems that ordinary people face every day. For example, we know how difficult it is to stay organized at work, at school, in college, or at home. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to transform our beautiful remnant leather into stylish, functional, and unique storage and organizing tools. Is there someone in your life who loves to keep things orderly? Then take a few moments to explore our list of gifts for the organized.


Modern Collection Structured Valet Tray

A high-end prize for organizers everywhere. This personalized leather valet tray is a luxury gift with a classic style that your loved one will use for years to come. Keep your desk, nightstand, dresser, or kitchen clean and organized with a designated storage space for loose items. Unlike most other valet trays you’ll find, this one includes a metal insert so that the tray can rest stably on any surface. With vegetable-tanned pebbled leather that’s easy to keep clean, decorative stitching, and edge painting, this magnificent piece is well worth the price.


Snap Valet Tray

A great organizer knows that it’s important to stay organized everywhere you go, not just at home. That’s why we designed our leather snap valet tray. This leather valet tray is portable and can lay flat anywhere for easy storage. All you have to do is unsnap the snaps! If you’re looking for small travel gifts, this is the perfect piece for you. Or, if you’d like to try another valet tray, check out our rivet tray, mini snap tray, molded tray, or personalized leather ring tray. 


Modern Collection Leather File Folder

Imagine this beautiful piece in your home office! Our Modern Collection Leather File Folder is a lovely and unique way to store and organize important documents. The decorative stitching gives it a nice touch, and the leather backing creates a smooth, consistent feel. Someone who spends so much time and effort beautifying their environment deserves a luxury item for their workspace.


Jewelry Organizer

We created this leather jewelry organizer because we know jewelry can be one of the hardest things to organize. Between tangled necklaces and easy-to-lose rings and earrings, it’s so hard to keep everything straight! The Northwind jewelry organizer comes with a zipper pocket that can be used as earring storage, a bracelet holder, or for anything else that needs to stay especially secure. Our innovative new design combines the earring organizer and ring holder in one multipurpose storage feature. And it works amazingly well as a leather travel jewelry case, so you can take your jewelry with you on trips without fear. And if your organization-addict loved one isn’t a jewelry person, we have a similar piece for storing technology items like chargers, headphones, and USB cables.


Personalized Card Wallet

A personalized wallet might not be the first thing that jumps to your mind when you think “organization.” But consider that this custom wallet can be used to organize business cards, gift cards, and more! Exactly the kinds of things that clutter up your wallet, desk drawer, and home office. With this engraved leather wallet, you’ll have a neat place to store these important but easy-to-lose items. If you're looking for a higher-end version of this item, check out the Modern Collection card wallet instead!


Bottom Line

Northwind specializes in creating items that are both functional and beautiful. That’s why we have so many engraved gifts for your friend or family member who loves organization and design. Upgrade your loved one’s life (or your own!) today and buy one of these gifts!

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