Why You Should Buy A Leather Pencil Case

What do writers, readers, researchers, artists, and students have in common? All of them need pencils to do their jobs well. If you fit any of these categories, or if you’re simply a creative person with lots of great ideas to share, we know you need a case or a box to conveniently carry your pencils and pens. 


Our customers know that when you’re looking for a pencil case, Northwind is the best option. As one satisfied customer put it, our pencil cases are “wonderful quality, thoughtfully crafted at [an] affordable price!”


Reasons for Buying a Leather Pencil Case

If you have a large collection of pencils and pens, you need a case you can carry with you easily. But why go for a leather case? Find out below.


To Carry Different Types of Pencils

If you’re an artist or a student, you want to keep your pencils organized and in the right place. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching for a pencil during a fast-paced lecture, or at the exact moment artistic inspiration strikes, and realizing that all your pencils have spilled out into your bag.  Leather is a strong material and it can hold many different types of pencils in it, and with our sturdy snaps, you won’t have to worry about it breaking open.


They Have Multiple Pockets

Each pencil case comes with built-in pockets, which you can use to store other important items alongside your pencils. You can keep an important note, emergency contact numbers, or even a to-do list!


They Have a Lot of Storage Space

Don’t let the convenient size deceive you. Our leather pencil cases are roomy and have plenty of space to meet your unique storage needs.


They Can Hold Large Pens and Pencils  

Sometimes, the case you have cannot hold your pen or pencil because of its size. For example, an inflexible wooden or metal case won’t fit some of your larger artistic materials. On the other hand, our soft, flexible leather pouch can snap open on either end, creating more space for your items. You can slide your pens and pencils inside these pockets to store them safely. The soft material of the pockets holds your large items tightly and prevents them from falling out even if the pocket is open on one side. 


They Look Stylish

Leather has always gone hand and hand with luxury. Our leather is stylish, modern, and never goes out of fashion. So, when you pick a Northwind leather pencil case, you know you are not going to regret your choice, because you can keep using it for years to come.


They Are Quiet 

One of the biggest issues with wooden, metal, and plastic cases is that they are noisy. When your pencils and pens move inside these boxy structures, the sound can be disruptive and unpleasant. Leather, on the other hand, is soft enough to muffle any sound. Not to mention, our leather pencil case holds your pencils inside tight pockets, preventing them from rattling around and creating a disorganized jumble you have to sort through when you open your pouch. 


Bottom Line 

At Northwind, we are artists and creators, just like you. We know how important it is for you to stay organized and keep your pencils in one place. You can never go wrong with a leather case for your pencils, whether you’re looking for a unique organizational tool or just for a stylish way to keep your writing materials with you. If you want longevity, stylishness, and durability, you can trust Northwind.


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