Handmade Embossed Leather Key Fobs: Never Lose Your Northwind Keychain Again

“Where are my keys!?” is a common phrase shouted across the house early in the morning about once a week. With our beautiful handmade embossed leather key fobs you can solve this problem with style.

Today, we’ll show you how to get the perfect leather keychain that you can put securely on your bag, belt loop, or in your pocket.

These key rings are a simple way to never lose your keys again and they make a great gift.

Personalized Keychain to Your Style

The biggest reason that these embossed leather key fobs are one of our best sellers is because they can be personalized to your style in so many different ways.

To start with we have a number of different colors you can choose from to include classic chocolate brown leather, bold red maple, elegant black, gray, and even slate. Next, you can choose your foil. Silver foil is very classy and makes the handmade embossed leather keychain easy to read. Gold foil is another great option for an elegant look. Of course, you can also choose no foil for a timeless look. Finally, you can use the hardware for your keyring to be either gold, silver, or antique.

With so many possible combinations it can be hard to know what to choose, especially if you’re buying this leather key chain as a gift. We can help. Call us at 240-594-9382 or click the chat button on the bottom right side of our website. One of our customer support representatives would be happy to help you find the best custom handmade embossed leather key fob that is right for you or someone else as a special gift.

Quality Genuine Leather Craftsmanship

You can rest assured that your handmade leather key fob will look great for years to come because all of our products are made by master craftsmen here in the United States.

We start with full-grain real leather for everything we make from genuine leather notebooks to your loop keychain. Many other companies use split-grain leather or even faux leather, but these cheaper materials fade and crack easily.

All of our leather key fobs are custom and made to order by our in-house craftsmen. Because our craftsmen are based in the United States, they are able to complete custom orders in less than two days and we deliver to you in less than eight days. This means you can get a custom embossed leather key ring even if you wait until the last minute.

The Buck Stops Here

If you’re looking for a custom leather keychain so you never lose your car keys again, then our genuine personalized leather key fobs are a great solution. They fit perfectly on your bag, belt loop, or in your pocket. Check out our customer reviews and you'll see why this is one of our best sellers.

You can also check out exclusive offers on our other best sellers such as our leather key holder, handbags, leather strap, gift cards, lanyards, monogram items, photo books, and more. We're adding high quality new products all the time so keep your eyes open for our new arrivals.

Need help to personalize your keychain, finding the right gift, or want to follow up on your order status? Chat with one of our customer representatives by clicking on the chat button at the bottom right side or call us at 240-594-9382.

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