Personalized Leather Mousepad: Top 4 Features from Northwind

Features to Look For in a Top-Notch Genuine Leather Mouse Pad 

Smooth Surface Type

A leather mousepad offers you a smooth surface so when you use it, it also saves you from hand strains. Yes, this might come as a surprise to many, but it facilitates the mouse's easy movement, which lowers hand strain.

Stitched Edges

Make sure that the leather mousepad you are purchasing has stitched edges as this is important as it makes the pad stronger and longer lasting. Also, the stitches come across as a nice looking design feature.


Size is a major factor and varies as per the profession. Gamers prefer a large size of the mousepad while others may require a medium size.

Appealing Design 

If you are a person that favors high design, you can never go wrong with a leather finish.

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