Work From Home Must Haves from Northwind

Remote working and telecommunicating are growing trends due to the current scenario. The option has become an appealing alternative to help companies continue operations and protect their employees' health.

However, this is not the only reason the trend has gained traction over the years.  Since the world has become a global village, many companies and organizations have started hiring people across borders to promote remote working and diversify the workforce.

Although “the work from home” (WFH) option offers great freedom, it can be surprisingly difficult. Whether you work from home regularly or perform duties occasionally, you need items and essentials that can help you perform your tasks comfortably and productively. From mouse pads to cord keepers, circle coasters to desk pads, you need a long list of items to turn your house into an office.

Take a look at this list of items you need to work remotely from home.

Items You Need to Work from Home


A computer or laptop is one of the basic necessities when it is about working from home. It is essential to invest in a high-quality and reliable laptop that can work as an efficient desktop computer. Using a laptop is a better idea, so you have the freedom to move around the house. You can work from a terrace, balcony or sofa.

Custom Leather Desk Pad

Personalized Desk Pad

Don’t forget to buy a desk pad to keep devices such as your laptop and mouse safe from overheating and dirty surfaces. If you find a laptop cooling pad a bit expensive, buy a leather desk pad to squeeze more usability from your gears and items.  

Make sure you invest in reliable products such as a personalized desk pad to get long-lasting and premium quality accessories. The personalized WFH starter kit and personalized desk pad from Northwind includes sophisticated leather items to make your workspace look best.

Personalized Leather Coasters

Leather coasters set is another WFH item you need to protect your desk surface from stains or damage.  Also, if you are coffee-drinker or like to keep a glass on your workstation, use these coasters to cover your beverage.

Work From Home Custom Leather Coasters

Elegant Desk

For your home office, you need something minimalistic and simple with ample space to set up not only your laptop but also other accessories. A standing desk, for instance, is a great idea to make a cozy workspace at home.

Buy a desk that is easily adjustable and has an electric system.  Use extra space on your desk smartly and buy leather pencil case, cord taco, and accessories tray. Check out Northwind’s site to add more items.

Work From Home Gift Cute AirPod Case

Personalized Airpod Case

If you use Airpods frequently during work, it is better to buy a convenient Airpod case to keep them safe. The stylish Airpod case from Northwind comes with a back clasp and collar button to keep it secure even if you are carrying them in your bag.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, use these stylish WFH items to give your house a much-needed office look and aesthetic.  Northwind offers a wide range of professional leather accessories to make you feel comfortable when you are working.



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