WFH Setup Improvements from Northwind You Should Add

More and more people are shifting to flexible or remote work from home (WFH) due to its benefits.  A recent survey from FlexJobs reported that 65 percent of workers preferred working from home. In fact, they feel more productive when working from home as compared to a traditional environment of office space. 

For many people, “working from home” means less commute hassles, fewer distractions, less noise, more personal space and a chance to work in comfortable clothes. Plus, there are many strategies and ideas to stay productive and positive when working from home. And setting up your home office is one of them.

Still not convinced? We have outlined some of the best ideas to transform your workspace at home into a perfect workstation. Check out the list of these ideas to make your experience of remote working comfortable and fun.

How to Improve Your Work from Home Office

Clean all the Clutter

This might sound bizarre to you, but working on a table that is cluttered can impact your productivity and creativity.  So it is better to start with clearing clutter and removing all the unnecessary things from your table. That means anything from your phone and book you are reading, to the resistance band, need to be stowed away.

Make Small Work Zones

You have an entire desk to work, and it should not serve a single purpose. Slice up your space to do different tasks. In fact, create different zones that can help you keep things organized. Set up a laptop zone to work with full concentration.

Use a desktop mat to place your laptop or monitor. It not only helps you do your non-computer tasks but also provides you with ample space to keep things like pencil cases and notebooks. Decorate this space with a stylish coaster set, storage bin, or wallet trays to uplift the whole look of your workspace.

Valet Tray

Personalized Leather Valet Tray

Want to give your workspace a classy look?  

Invest in decent yet cool leather valet tray. The elegant valet tray is spacious and looks incredibly unique on your office table.  Renowned sellers like Northwind offer an array of handmade crafted valet trays with different colors. You can keep your small stuff and items safely in that.

Leather Mouse Pad

To give your WFH space a chic look, use a leather mouse pad. An elegant mousepad doesn’t just give you a smooth surface to move your mouse but uplifts the appearance of your workspace. Using a leather mouse pad allows sensors to detect the direction and movement.

Cord Keeper/Straps

Personalized Leather Cord Keeper

When setting up desk space, we often overlook cord straps, or keepers are tiny-yet-mighty inventions. Know that every work-from-homer (WFH) must own a few to keep chargers and other cords from taking over and messing up their space.

You can order personalized leather cord keepers to make your WFH workstation stand out. The tiny and useful cord keeper will make managing straps and cords hassle-free.

Bottom Line

Overall, you spend half of your day working in your WFH office.  That is what makes focusing on your workstation at-home essential. The above-mentioned ideas are great to turn your plain and ordinary workplace into a stylish, upgraded, and well-designed space.  

Check out Northwind for more sophisticated and classy leather items.

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